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Bioseparation & Protein Hydrolysis.

Neova Technologies Inc. draws on almost thirty years of expertise in bioseparation and proteins fractionation, building its international reputation on quality and service.

Neova Technologies Inc. takes an integrated approach to product development and quality enhancement. With a strong history in research and development to support the products we sell, our approach is to seek practical solutions that regularly challenge current limits and assumptions.

The strong team of researchers at Neova Technologies Inc. understands the functionality that our products can bring to the different industries and applications that our customers represent. Some research projects are undertaken with the objective of publication for the benefit of industry, while others are carried out for the benefit of a single customer. Regardless, the same systematic approach to the research applies. In addition, our customers are critical in establishing market needs and identifying opportunities. We take a collaborative approach and work with our customers to identify new products and applications.

A third critical partner in research and product development is our operations and production group. This group is involved throughout the product design and improvement process, ensuring that the product can be delivered consistently, meeting the specifications the customer requires.

The results: Neova Technologies Inc. delivers solutions that are custom-designed to meet the needs of our customers. A rigorous approach to research and a strong quality-centered operational environment ensures that quality is not compromised for speed or expense.

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Lavinio Cavalcante
Lavinio Cavalcante
Chartered Professional Accountant with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. 16 years of strong financial and business acumen in a variety of global industries with focus on strategic planning, reporting & monitoring financial performance indicators.
Anna Tolchinsky
Anna Tolchinsky
Holds degrees in both Biology and Biosystems Engineering. Fifteen years of company experience in R&D, process implementation and optimisation, and leading capital expansion projects. Responsible for all aspects of engineering services for the Neova Technologies Inc. and Bioseutica Group.
Alex Yousif
Alex Yousif
Holds a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Following his post graduate studies and before joining Neova Technologies Inc. in 2001, Dr. Yousif spent 8 years in academic research at both, Simon Fraser University and The University of British Columbia (Canada) focusing on the purification and characterisation of biological molecules of therapeutic significance. Dr. Yousif has over 15 years of industrial experience in analytical chemistry and the Research and Development/optimisation of the manufacturing processes for nutraceuticals and biological extracts of commercial values.

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Neova Technologies Inc. produces protease and lipase preparations and egg-derived nutraceutical ingredients according to the different market’s specifications and regulatory policies. Neova Technologies Inc. is able to devise enzyme solutions produced by following specific customer’s requests.

Neova Technologies Inc. is active in the FMCG – Nutraceuticals, Diagnostics, Tissue & Cell Culture Media sectors and markets solutions for Baby Food (Infant formulas and Baby Meals), Functional Food Ingredients (Food Safety ingredients, protein hydrolysates and emulsifiers for special food preparations as baked goods, dairy products, yogurts, kefir, dressing sauces and food preserves.

Neova Technologies Inc. owns a vast number of certifications and our products and solutions are fully-compliant with the main standards for FMCG & OTC market (Halal – Kosher – FDA GRAS – EC – CAS – JEFCA) .

Neova Technologies Inc. offers its expertise in the development of  new pharmaceuticals and vaccines and provides global shipment capabilities.

Neova Technologies Inc. produces a line of specialty proteins – Ovoproducts. These naturally occurring egg-white proteins include avidin, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, and ovomucoid. In the hen egg, they play many important roles, including:

• Preventing bacterial growth through inhibition of bacterial proteases;
• Binding metal ions and vitamins;
• Acting as a nutrient source for the developing chicken embryo;
• Inhibiting Trypsin activity;


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Neova technologies Inc. | Pancreatic Enzymes
Neova technologies Inc. | Egg Proteins

Pancreatic Enzymes

Egg Proteins

Functional Food, Cell & Tissue Culture

Our solutions are used for breakdown of proteins into smaller peptides and free amino-acids and for lipids. Neova’s enzymes, which are derived from natural sources, have animal-based protease and lipase activity like TRYPSIN and Phospholipase A2 (PA2).

Diagnostics, Biopharma & Research

Neova’s specialty proteins can be used in numerous applications including immunodiagnostics, protein purification and cell biology/cell culture. These specialty proteins are of extremely high purity and can be customized to meet the end user’s specific needs.


Functional Food – Biopharma – Nutraceuticals – Diagnostic and Research Media

At Neova Technologies Inc. we are committed to continuous product improvement, challenging current industry standards and limits. Our customers support these efforts to produce the high quality products that meet their individual needs.

We sell hi-end functional food ingredients and solutions to help you in managing the issues related to the food making allowing makers to improve the quality and effectiveness of baked products, dairy goods (milk and yogurt based products’ ingredients), dressing sauce and food preserves by aiding the digestion process of complex proteins and lipids and ensure the quality requested by nowadays food safety standards.

Our enzyme products are largely used in Baby Foods and Infant formulas where safety and benchmark of quality are strictly required for newborn’s food and childrens’ health thus availing the value of efforts and commitments shared by Neova Technologies Inc.

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Natural solutions for FMCG, dairy, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, infant formula, shelf life & food safety:


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Nutraceuticals & Bio-Pharmaceutical Ingredients


faviconDiagnostics and Research Media

Chromatography, Immunohistochemistry and Proteomics


Protein sequencing – Tissue Culture


Cell biology – Cell Harvesting


Cell biology – Cell Culture


Proteomics – Genetics


Proteomics – Tissue Culture


Proteomics – Tissue Culture


Proteomics – Tissue Culture


Proteomics – Diagnostics




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Neova Technologies Inc – Neutraceuticals – Functional Food Ingredients – Baby Meal and Infant formulas Ingredients.


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